Are you thinking of getting into the fitness world (Pure Gym Discount Code included below)

If you’re like me and you’re thinking of getting into the fitness lifestyle but don’t know where to start well look no further. I have just been through it all and I am about to give you tips which will give you head start that you will need.

What type of fitness do you want to do?

Sport games – You have so many choices, football, netball, golf, basketball, powerlifting, tennis, baseball, squash etc…. Pick something which you will enjoy because this will make the whole process fun and you are much more likely to stick with it.

Swimming – I love abit of swimming great cardio and very good on your body (Unlikely to injure your joints)

Running (jogging) – a great way to get fitter and lose weight. Also one of the best ways to burn calories.

HIT – A quick but hard way to burn fat. HIT stands for high intensity because it is great way to increase your heart rate fast which aids in fat burn. You can burn a lot of calories this way and it highly recommend from various athletes.

Walking – Believe it or not you can even lose weight from just walking. 1 hour a day can make all the difference.

Gym (Weight lifting) – A very good way to build muscles and lean mass. You find will all sorts of fitness equipment at your local gyms such as free weights, cardio machines, weight machines and even swimming…

Doing weighted exercises has been show to strengthen tendons, and strengthen bones so visiting a gym 3 days a week is a great way to improve your body and mind.

Cycling – Another great way to burn calories and to get generally fitter. Just like with swimming it also very good on your joints due to little impact.

Choosing the correct gym or fitness center


First thing to do is go and visit them and make sure it feels right for you. This is because you’re likely to spend a lot of time in the gym you will want it to feel like home.

When you visit the gyms make sure you have an idea on what your goals are because there are so many different types that you can choose from.

For example, one person might like swimming and another might prefer lifting heavier weights.

With the above examples you can guarantee 99% of the time you will not be able to get both things (heavy weights and swimming)

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What to eat

This is a very big topic, in my opinion the cleaner you eat the better – lots and lots of fresh food. Make sure you calculate how many calories your body burns daily and start from there.

There are many specialists in this topic so you can do your research and start from there.