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forgotten but not quite dead.

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Holla! I realize that I’ve been gone for quite awhile. But recently (or more-than-recently, as it would seem) my life has been Busy. Since my last post nearly a month ago, several Events occurred: Prize Night, at which I was awarded my school’s prize for excellence in photography (and a copy of Vanity Fair: The Portraits, which is mostly why this was the most notable of the three awards I received), and graduation, where a great number — maybe even a majority — of my friends gradu-danced off to that Big Boarding School in the Sky, also known as college.

More importantly, though, I squeezed through finals week with minimal injury and even got to leave campus a day early. On my first day back in the Midwest, I managed to get rearended at the grocery store/sent to the ER/saddled with whiplash, which sucks. But what doesn’t suck is my drawing class, which met for the first time last Wednesday and which is where I discovered that compressed charcoal is very, very, mess. What also doesn’t suck is the fact that my summer dance classes start this coming week, even if buying ballet shoes made me feel like an elephant (I wear a 14 women’s ballet shoe; the girl trying on shoes next to me wore a 2.5/3). And, for the first time in my life, I have an actual job, which means that I’ll be making $200 in a month or less and all without working in foodservice or manual labor.

And, of course, since I’ve gotten home, I’ve been taking photographs. Here are a bunch:

Of course, there’s far more, but the WordPress Dashboard isn’t cooperating with me uploading photos at the moment. Blé’s gone to Poland, so I’m out of my primary model for the moment, but luckily I have far more willing friends here than at boarding school. So, hopefully, I will write soon, and there will be more photos to come.

the photo-stalker stalks again.

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Long time no see, eh? It’s been busy busy busy up in here, now that the school year is coming to a close. There was AP Week (submitting my portfolio = a hassle) and track meets and dance (not to mention registering for my summer modern and ballet and drawing courses). The spring play starts tonight, and the dance show opens tomorrow next week.

But, of course, I wouldn’t return to you without photos. Of which I have many, from the aforementioned track meets and warm spring nights. So, voilà: here is a selection of the two LC-A+ rolls I just received from the camera store.

how can I catch up when I don’t want to?

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Well well well. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? The past week’s been so busy that I’m not quite sure what to write about here. I could write about anxiety attacks and stupid people and how I keep getting other people’s underwear returned with my drycleaning. Or, I could write about how my dad came down to visit me this weekend and brought me very small notebooks and chocolate pastilles and Doublemint gum, or how I and a handful of the AP art students had an exhibit on Thursday. I could even tell you about how I’ve lost all feeling in my toes because I stood in the freezing rain for three hours, timing a track meet.

But I don’t really feel like talking about any of that in detail. Instead, I would like you to know that I found a lost roll of film in my drawer and got it developed yesterday. So, please attempt to enjoy a super-grainy section of my roll of forgotten film.

landings & returnings.

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Break is over, too soon. Now I am unpacked and sitting alone in my dorm room, drowsy on Dramamine because when planes land I break into a nervous sweat. Tomorrow is class and then more class for two more months, and it’s only just starting to sink into my head that I’m back at school, I’m back at school and I have to work and learn and wake up before midday Finally, after what felt like an eternity of carpal tunnel syndrome, I’ve finished typing the sequel to my novel (which I have yet to tell you where I’ve posted it), but before I did that, Blé and I took a screech appreciation moment to enjoy the early-spring weather that somehow feels like fall.


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Happy spring, bloglings! I love spring. Except that I don’t have a functional umbrella and it’s raining 24/7, this season is pretty sick. Before it started raining, Blé and I got to working on our photo shoot. And it was a real Fashion Shoot this time, as evidenced by the fact that the clothes didn’t fit.

So, without further ado, authoraiINK is proud to present a selection  of “hammerpants.” Please note that the title of the shoot has little to do with the content of the following images.

it’s only the end of the world.

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Let me begin with a complaint: my coccyx aches. I just had my weave taken out and my hair wrangled into single braids, so now I’m blonder than ever. Firefox crashed every time I tried to upload this header photo and every time I turn on any sort of media all I hear about is news of death and destruction and even more impending doom. Maybe we set the year 0A.D. too far back and it’s already the Mayans’ 2012, and we’re all going to die (well, we are anyway, eventually, and I don’t actually believe that 2012 is Armageddon because Ragnarok should totally come on a February 31st).

On Saturday I went house shopping with my aunt and cousin and enjoyed petting other people’s cats and debating doors vs. windows as sniper targets (my cousin doesn’t want to live in a house with lots of windows, because “nobody’s ever been shot through a door;” I told her I was going to shoot her through a door just to prove her wrong). I won a silver medal for a double exposure LC-A+ print in the national Scholastic Art Awards, despite my photography teacher’s telling me not to hold my breath waiting to win anything. And I’ve planned an epic photoshoot with Blé for Friday inspired by:

but in suburbia and with cheaper clothes (obviously, since stylist/photographer anwa has a nonexistent clothes budget and all the shmancy vintage dresses she just inherited from her mother are at the cleaner’s). Have I ever mentioned that I love love love Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, possibly definitely even more than I love Annie Leibovitz (okay, definitely definitely more)? But I’m having a crisis of method in deciding whether to shoot this shoot in digital or in film, but I’m kind of leaning towards the film because then I get to use all of my better lenses AND I will take a “behind the scenes” little photo-movie with my new Flip camera to make up for the fact that it’ll take way too long to get the prints developed.

a shameless manipulation.

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Usually, I don’t do much manipulation on my digital photos. Sure, where necessary I’ll touch up on brightness and contrast or fix some really ugly yellow light, but I DO not airbrush or extensively ‘Shop in things that are supposed to, well, actually look like photographs. So, when I stumbled upon Nirrimi’s Color Shop, I just had to stop and think for awhile. Now, we all know that most of fashion photography is a shameless manipulation, but — really? Seeing how you can make even the most mediocre of photographs amazing with the click of a button makes one wonder what’s the photographer’s actual style behind the lens and what’s made to look a certain way post-production. (And also — $35 per action? An action that I could make myself in two minutes? Well, I guess that nothing’s too expensive if there’s someone willing to pay for it.) I’m not against the process, really, or even the Color Shop itself — Nirrimi is still one of my favorite contemporary photographers and a huge inspiration for young artists — but the whole thing, I dunno, just shakes my faith a little. Makes me wonder.

But I was so fascinated with the concept that I spent a bit of time making a few of my own curves/actions on the GIMP, one of which I used on the photo above (does that change the way you think of that photo? because it does for me). Here’s a really low-quality GIF that I spent oodles of time making for comparison:

So, what do you think? Yay, or nay?

–> So, we’ve been kinda surviving the Snowpocalypse over here. And by “kinda,” I mean that our school set classes back until 9am yesterday (even though it was a half day and all the games were canceled, they refused to cancel classes), and half the school called left because the ‘rents thought that OMG MY SNOOKUMS IS GOING TO FREEZE. Break actually starts today, so once I finish packing I’m leaving for the city.

this is the hook: it’s catchy, and you like it.

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“Hi, Students: Today is as close as you will get to a “public school” Friday.”

The key word being close. Yes, there was a weekend; but it was far from being particularly restful. No: this weekend was Winter Carnival, more commonly known as Dorm Wars, and indeed we spent the past few days engaged in an epic battle of skill and wits and tacky skits. This year’s theme was music, so each dorm picked up a genre and joined the fight. Our genre was techno, Swedish techno to be exact, and while it may seem a bit obscure it was quite effective. We made t-shirts and figure-skating routines and picked teams for such classy endeavors as the mascot-suit relay race and spent two days at odds with anyone with the misfortune to live in a different residence. Last night, after a going-away party for a member of the dance team who’s leaving for the Peace Corps, we huddled in the common room to call in trivia answers and send unfortunate souls on cross-campus treks to find the number of portraits outside classroom 210. I failed to single-handedly solve the Cosmic Riddle, but so did my arch-rivals, so all was good. Now everyone is dealing with the aftermath of two days of (mostly — barring the usual cattiness of a select few of the girls’ dorms) friendly competition.

It was a photogenic weekend: I took a  full 36exposure-roll of film, but they won’t be here for quite a while because the camera store in town is open on neither Sundays nor Mondays. By the time I get these prints back, I will have taken another full roll — this one of Montréal, that lovely city to which I am privileged to return on Thursday. I am not quite sure where January has gone, but I am sleep-deprived and caffeine-withdrawn and almost — almost — sick of the snow which, though up past my knees, continues to fall.

develop, stop, fix, and repeat.

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So today during lunch I went to the camera store and picked up my prints, my first ever from a) a Fujifilm roll and b) a 36-exposure roll, as opposed to my standard Kodak 24-ex. It was taken with my Diana+ lens and the film was ISO-freaking-100 (film-wise, I am a speed freak — 800+ is what I aim for, but sometimes I’ll settle for 400) so I was kind of amazed that I recognized half of what I’d shot. Anywho: Stuff.

This week is Spirit Week. Yesterday was Mismatch Day, the horrors of which I will not begin to describe. Today was twin day — I wore (and am still wearing), gray Converses, straight-leg jeans, my Threadless “Pick Your Powers” t-shirt, and a black hoodie which is not mine and too big and smells faintly of cigarette smoke, although it is very comfy. When I fell asleep in class today, after the lecture, my teacher got me a teddy bear to use as a pillow.

And as a parting note, something beautiful:

some things look better inside of the store.

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…But not these things! Sometimes it upsets me when I realize how fun I find mindless consumerism. But then I think, “Ooh, stuff!”  and stop worrying about it. I am deep.

For example, I spent the past three days trying really hard to spend three dollars on a milkshake, but the place was never open when I wanted some milky caloric goodness. Finally, thanks to a scheduling fluke (as in, how I spent most of this morning leaving really short classes), I finally got my Oreo milkshake. Now, I understand that it doesn’t seem that interesting once typed into blog post format, but, trust me, earlier this morning that milkshake was of vital importance to my existence.

But, of course, that is far from the most important thing I purchased today. No, that would be the Dec/Jan 2011 issue of Pop’Africana, which is a fashion/art/culture magazine for the African diaspora and, quite frankly, needs to come out more often. I was incredibly lucky that I found and was able to order it today, seeing as the pre-order deadline for the latest issue is midnight. Here’s a sample of work from the editor, Oroma Elewa:

Sick, no?

Also, as I’d sorta-promised earlier, an outfit. The lighting in my room was surprisingly not-ugly this morning, so I snapped a photo after breakfast:


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