this is a post; I feel compelled to post.

Listening to: Brett Dennen — Surprise, Surprise

Ahhh Easter everyone. I failed to get up at eight and go to church this morning, furthering my failure at being Catholic.

This has been the longest week all year, and now I’m sitting here and realizing that the year’s almost over and I haven’t gotten anywhere. Maybe that’s a lie. I asked two boys to model for me for the first time ever; the first was awkwardish and tense, as I’d expected, but the second was really fun because my model was really fun/ a photographer himself. I would show these photos to you, but I still have to obtain consent to do so.

Lately I’ve been spending all my online-time on my tumblr, which is one of myriad reasons why posts on here have been so infrequent. My (though not sincerest) apologies. I’ve also been somewhat busy, procrastinating all of my real-life duties by attempting to have a social life, and dealing with the horrors that come with that. There are only a few more weeks of dealing with this, though, then three months of drawing classes and freedom and vitamin D-rehab.

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  1. Being anything seems to be difficult these days, with all the distractions, much less a Catholic!

    I toyed with tumblr, but for some reason it seemed to be limited in connecting with others. I hope you don’t completely abandon wordpress!

    Good luck with the rest of the horrors in life.


  2. I just clicked on my tumblr–what a cool site! My favorites of those are the “roadkill” tattoo and “heart skips a beat”! And the goth girl on the Parisian “Vogue” cover is quite attractive (I’ve never had any luck with goth girls, even just for conversation–I think I’m too obviously non-goth and old for them!)

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